Welcome to the Remotis Support Center

All Remotis support portals are managed by the Remotis Support Center. Each customer is assigned a private portal and Remotis ID#. All activities and supported technologies are managed within the same portal. Some other key features include:


  • - Services-oriented portal
  • - Highly redundant, world-class data center
  • - Industry-leading consultants and engineers
  • - Managed service level agreements
  • - Workflow-enabled forms
  • - Automatic service alerts
  • - Project and time management
  • - Administration reports
  • - Development requests
  • - Multiple technologies (cross-platform)
  • - Collaborative features including Remotis chat

For examples of the user interface, access the demo section.


Remotis Support (Access)

Login using your Remotis ID# and password.

Remotis ID#






Need assistance with your Remotis login? Contact Remotis Support at support@remotis.com or 800.274.5684 extension #1.

Remotis Technologies has a rich history with IBM and the entire portfolio of Lotus products and solutions.

Our resources are all PCLP and ACLP-certified and have been associated with the entire Lotus product line since its inception. Remotis is an IBM Business Partner with expertise consulting the world's largest enterprises. Remotis has a broad selection of remote support services relative to all Lotus core and companion products. From administration to development services, Remotis can assist any organization in maximing its return on Lotus investment.

Remotis for Lotus Domino/Notes
Remotis can manage entire Lotus-centric environments to addressing specific requirements within an existing Lotus team, no matter the platform. We specialize in all operating platforms including Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, IBM i, and IBM z.

  • - Remotis for Lotus Domino/Notes
  • - Remotis for Lotus Sametime
  • - Remotis for Lotus Quickr
  • - Remotis for CommonStore
  • - Remotis for Database Management
  • - Remotis for Websphere
  • - Remotis for Operating Systems
  • - Remotis for GreenIT
  • - Remotis for Virtualization
  • - Remotis for Storage Management
  • - Remotis for Systems Integration
  • - Remotis for Directory Integration
  • - Remotis for Development Services
  • - Remotis for Message Migrations


To subscribe or for additional information, contact Remotis Sales at sales@remotis.com or 800.274.5684 extension #2.