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Remotis Solutions (powered by Remotis Portal)

Remotis Technologies complements IT organizations of all sizes. From operating system administration and development support (all major platforms including Windows, Linux variants, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, System i, and System z) to Lotus technologies and site design, Remotis offers customers on-demand IT services while saving on expenses. All Remotis services are managed via a private and secure Remotis portal. Visit the Remotis Support Center for more details.

Remotis for Small Business

Remotis Technologies appreciates the small business community. Our strategic consulting services and all-inclusive "IT In-A-Box" solution afford the small business a chance to compete with larger enterprises by leveraging similar hardware and software solutions. How many small businesses can afford hardware and software during the first few years of business? Remotis Technologies believes that small businesses would rather leverage a hosted solution that addresses email, services management lifecycle, collaboration, and document management. This subscription-based service is tailored to the requirements of every small business. Contact Remotis Sales at 800.274.5684 for a free assessment.


"Need A CIO" Program

The "Need A CIO" program addresses two critical needs:


- Transitional CIO or IT Director for larger organizations

- IT direction for small businesses


Remotis Technologies has over 20 years' experience consulting SMB customers and the world's largest enterprises. Our expertise traverses geographies, vendors, operating platforms, and hardware/software technologies. This experience is critical during transitional periods of IT management and for small businesses attempting to leverage technology. These strategic IT services can be delivered on-site or using the Remotis Portal, an excellent option for any size business.

  • - ISA and Risk Management
  • - Lotus Domino (Development)
  • - Lotus Domino (Administration)
  • - Lotus Companion Products
  • - Microsoft Exchange Services
  • - Microsoft Sharepoint Services
  • - Microsoft Development Services
  • - Lotus-Microsoft Integration
  • - Database Management
  • - IBM Commonstore (Email)
  • - Operating Systems (All Major)
  • - VMWare Planning & Installation
  • - Storage Planning & Installation
  • - Business Continuity Services
  • - Network and Security Services
  • - Web Site Design and Hosting
  • - Remote DR Site
  • - Green Assessments (Data Center)
  • - Site Analytics & Optimization
  • - Small Business Solutions
  • - Strategic IT Services (Need A CIO)
  • - Data recovery services


Contact Remotis Sales at 800.274.5684 for more details.