iSMS: Services Management

iSMS is a full-featured, cross-platform services management and analytics suite designed by Remotis for services organizations in all business verticals.

iSMS: Services Lifecycle

Remotis developed a proven services management methodology that focuses on expediting time to market and quality of deliverables. From the initial lead to proposal development and delivery, the integrated Remotis SLA Manager keeps the services lifecycle on track. Contact Remotis Sales at 800.274.5684 for a complimentary iSMS assessment.


iSMS: Accessibility

iSMS supports the "anywhere, anytime" computing model and is accessible via Web browsers to mobile devices including iOS and Android devices.


Remotis c.Sync

Remotis c.Sync provides disparate storage synchronization to the cloud and is manageable via Remotis iSMS dashboard and Remotis Mobile.


Remotis iMonitor

Remotis iMonitor with iSensors is a powerful infrastructure asset monitoring platform that can be deployed via the Remotis Cloud, virtual appliance, or traditional server installation. iMonitor integrates with the core iSMS platform to generate valuable analytical data.

Remotis Chat: Collaborate
Remotis Chat answers the void for many organizations seeking to deploy a more inexpensive chat environment for teams or the entire organization.


Contact Remotis Sales at 800.274.5684 for a complimentary assessment.

  • - iSMS Hosted (Managed Solution)
  • - On-site deployments
  • - Cross-platform
  • - Scalable (1 to 1000s)
  • - Remotis SLA Manager
  • - Remotis portal integration
  • - iSMS HA (High Availability)
  • - iSMS Mobile
  • - Integrated document archiving
  • - Remotis chat integration
  • - Secure, PDF production
  • - Dynamic status monitors
  • - Reports and charts
  • - Custom skins
  • - Image and file management

Hosted or Internal Use

Remotis Chat can be hosted as a managed service or deployed at your location using a Remotis appliance.

  • - Secure (using SSL)
  • - Dynamic notifications
  • - Cross-platform
  • - Scalable (1 to 1000s)
  • - Private & Public Rooms
  • - Custom skins
  • - Cost-effective