Remotis portals evolve based on the number and types of services required. All Remotis portals have core features like the digital library, project and time management tools, and discussion threads. A customer could post support requests (strategic or technical in nature) or development requests. All collaboration occurs inside the portal environment. This provides a simple interface to manage all remote services. The integrated service level agreements ensure that the requests are addressed in a timely manner.


The portal, managed by the Remotis Framework, is supported by several key components including:


        • Remotis iProfiler
        • Remotis SLA Manager
        • Remotis Collaboration Services
        • Remotis iMonitor


These components ensure that users are alerted when changes are made in the portal and that the best resource is assigned to the task. The SLA Manager module ensures that service levels are maintained within the portal.


Remotis iSMS Dashboard


The site navigation is simple to use and the integrated site maps and search tools (including daily and weekly alerts) make managing content simple. The ability to manage remote services is another powerful feature of the Remotis offering.


Remotis Active


Threads (Discussion, Support, Development, etc.) track the creation and modified times. Support threads allow the assigned Remotis team to provide richer explanations versus just text. This includes embedded video and images. The weekly admin reports (audits) provide organizations with expert recommendations and history of updates as it relates to their environments.


Remotis Incidents


Remotis support options are excellent for organizations needing to outsource projects or longer-term maintenance. It is also valuable for periods where teams might need assistance on certain projects or when an extra level of insurance is desired (audits). The Remotis offerings traverse a broad spectrum of infrastructure and application services. This coupled with Remotis' support of all major operating systems is beneficial for organizations of all sizes (SMB to Enterprise).